Hidden in the deepest crevices of the lab, the flickering lights and sounds of power tools emanate endlessly. 

Here in Skeezard’s Chop Shop, you can exchange frequency sets (5 lizards, 1 of each frequency) for unique, one-of-a-kind lizards. 

Whether you want to mix and match traits or create a lizard that is perfectly customized for all your idiosyncrasies, Skeezard will craft a 1/1 NFT companion who will make you look good (or destroy anything in your path).


– To preserve the rarity of existing traits, Chop Shop customers should only request custom traits. However, you can use any existing traits from the lizards you are submitting on your new custom lizard.

– Custom traits can be based on existing traits, but must be visually distinct.

– Background color must be, predominantly, one of the following:

 Custom background specific requests can mix & match body traits from your original lizards unless it matches an existing lizard.

– Custom body specific requests can mix & match foreground/background traits from your original lizards.

– Custom lizards will possess all 5 frequencies

– Custom lizards will live in a new & exclusive collection.

– Skeezard has veto power, which they may use in certain situations. If your request is denied, don’t worry – an appeals process is available.

The Process

– Open a request ticket in the #chop-shop channel in the Lizard Lab Discord.

– Submit the details you’d like to see in your customized lizard.

– You’ll have the chance to give us input and feedback on your customized lizard’s appearance.

– Our team will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind lizard that meets the customization limitations listed above.