Welcome To The Lizard Lab

Welcome To The Lab

The Lizard Lab is a community-based storytelling experiment combining puzzles, expansive lore, and 5,000 lizard experiments, randomly generated and stored on the Ethereum blockchain, created by the Mad Scientist.

We’re here to try new things and share our discoveries in our lab reports and public experiments with the world. We’re all still very early and only scratching the surface of what NFTs are capable of. We’ve already started with our optimized smart contract, which gives our mint the lowest gas fees you’ll see around.

We believe in NFTs, web3, ETH, blockchain, open-source, and transparency. We want to make NFTs better and help pave the way towards what’s next. Join us on our journey through the intersection of NFTs, web3, blockchain, art, and community collaboration! 

Meet The Lizards

Every lizard is unique and outfitted with a variety of attributes, including the background, foreground, head, back, nose, neck, eyes, mouth, and more, with millions of unique possibilities.

In The Lizard Lab, you’ll explore the story of famed scientist [REDACTED], who went missing after a catastrophic incident in 1985. 

You’ll enter the unstable mind of the scientist through an exploratory storytelling journey through the lab, where details are found non-linearly through notes, journal entries, and more.

By traversing through a series of puzzles, players will get to explore [REDACTED]’s memories which will help them piece together events from his past and discover the secrets of the lab.


Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. But a rough plan is always a good idea!

Art Book

This book will be lovingly crafted by our project artist, featuring a mixture of original illustrations, sequential narratives, and collected primary sources that outline the lab and its extensive lore. The book will also feature selected highlights from our initial 5000 lizards.

You can expect a high-quality book with beautiful colors, detailed drawings, and multiple modes of storytelling that will take you to some of the furthest depths of the lab. 

The Signature Series

Hidden within our initial generation of 5000 lizards are a very limited number of very special lizards.

Holders of these Signature Series NFTs during randomly selected snapshot dates are eligible to claim a high-quality special edition giclee signed art print of the Signature lizard. 

Exclusive Merch

Our exciting merch store will be exclusive to holders and filled with all kinds of interesting inventions. From unique shirts to limited edition art prints, you can expect to see some unique items that celebrate this project.

We will work with our holders to determine what kind of specific items to offer, but we’re sure this will be an exciting part of the project. Expect a wide variety of novelties and gifts that will be certain to tickle your lizard brain. 

Community Events

We will be hosting fun community events (think scavenger hunts, art contests, and more), opening up our Discord for lots of social engagement with our holders, and giving everyone the ability to submit their own ideas on how they would like to engage. These virtual “escape room” events will include prizes and fair distribution so that everyone has a chance to participate and win!

There are some areas in the Lizard Lab that are just far too dangerous without a lizard guide. Holders can unlock new doors and discover lost secrets. Navigating the lab is filled with a wide variety of challenges — fortunately, different lizards have different skillsets. Remember, the harder the challenge, the greater the reward. 

Artist Livestreams

Lizard holders will have access to special, regularly scheduled livestreams with our project artist, during which he will work on Lizard Lab content, take requests, answer questions, talk about pretty much anything, and maybe listen to some cool music.

You’ll see exclusive sneak peaks of our work in progress, including art, illustrations, and narrative pieces. This is an exciting way for you to see the creative process unfold and be part of it!

Non-exclusive IP Rights

Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their specifically held lizards. Create a spinoff! Thicken the plot! 

We want to see our lizards go places; there’s a whole metaverse for them to scurry through.

Holder-Only Discord Channels

Lizard holders will have exclusive access to a special discord channel and chat room for Lizard Holders. You can share your ideas, get advice about your projects, and generally just build a network within the community.

We’ll grow with our community to form official clubs for lizard collectors and traders. These clubs can become a place to congregate, discuss NFTs, collectibles, and all things blockchain.

Lab Influence

We love our community and all of the crazy ideas they come up with. We are an agile, flexible venture with plenty of our ideas of our own, and an openness to the voices of our supporters. 

This project is an opportunity for us all to experiment with new kinds of collectible objects, tools for digital art distribution, and new methods of digital ownership. We’re here to experiment and learn and we’re excited to share the journey with you.


Don’t be confused. We have upgrades for that.

Minting was on 11/11/2021.

Lizards are available on OpenSea’s secondary market here: https://opensea.io/collection/the-lizard-lab

Do you like NFTs and dangerous experiments? Same answer.

A snapshot of all holders will be taken soon after the mint concludes. What for? The future will tell… Probably some kind of experiment.

Holding a lizard will make you a part of the community with a voice in the direction of the Lizard Lab. The story continues, and you’ll be a part of it. See more in the answer below.

See our full roadmap above.

The Lab Tour is a self-guided tour that you can access in our Discord

After you join and verify, you’ll find a #Lab-Entrance channel in the bottom left. Join the channel, and enjoy your trip through the lab. 

We already have a ton of interesting ideas on how to include Tokenomics into the lab. We’ll work through the specific details after our launch along with the help of our holders when the time is right.

Launching a token is very simple, and easy to do wrong. If/when we launch a token, it will be done deliberately and mindfully as to bring unique utility to the project while being sustainable long-term.

Meet The Artist

Michael Hirshon has spent his entire life wandering around and drawing pictures. A bookshelf full of sketchbooks and an overflowing hard drive is the result of a 15-year relationship with illustration. He is fascinated by visual stories and is always looking for new ways to push his narratives in unexpected directions.

Michael’s award-winning career is an assortment of projects for hundreds of clients, ranging from straightforward to utterly bizarre. He has created covers for books and magazines, packaging for beer and dog food, board games, skateboard decks, bus advertisements, logos, and posters. He has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest brands, publishers, and publications, including The New York Times, Google, Harper Collins Publishers, Amazon, The Atlantic, Forbes, and more. He has exhibited artwork throughout the United States with a global network of collectors.

Michael sees NFTs as the fastest-growing field within the illustration industry. There is tremendous potential to use art to build new, global communities based around visual storytelling. This led him to the Lizard Lab; it is the foundation of a far-reaching story that can integrate all the best parts of the media he loves — illustration, concept art, comics, animation, and video games. The most satisfying aspects of Michael’s career have arisen from “engaging with strangers on the internet” and discovering new outlets for his drawings: NFTs are proving to be the most exciting chapter yet.

Meet The Team

The lizards behind the lab









Explore The Lab

Join us on Discord to explore The Lab in our unique self-guided tour.